Andreas Wippel

Andreas Wippel

VISC Racing Team wins the RLO event on Neue Donau in Vienna on 7/8 September, 2nd place in the RLO 2019

What happened so far:

The 1st event takes place in Podersdorf on 18/19 May, this is about 6 weeks earlier than last year not giving much space for training on this year’s timeline, the outcome is accordingly. Still fighting a lot with handling of the gennaker, we (Christophe, Dario, Christian and Andreas) land on place 8 from a total of 8 teams. Though it has to be noted that we were doing pretty well at the starting line (Dario tactics with unqualified remarks from my side) as well as on the upwind legs showing an overall team performance improvement compared to 2018. Nevertheless, the other teams were killing us with the gennaker on the downwind legs. In addition to that the overall level of the event seemed to have increased (or just looking for an excuse). However the focus for the following trainings was quite clear: improve gennaker handling, start the maneuvers in time (especially at the mark/gate from downwind to upwind) and – also quite important – improve communication in terms of less screaming onboard… so far so good!

Event 2 in Vienna, Neue Donau on 7/8 September:

After some trainings (one was with Felix Hiebeler, who was at place 1 of the Bundesliga with BYC at this point in time) and some summer holidays it was time to race again – with some changes like e.g. the location. Initially planned for Rust, the 2nd event was moved to Neue Donau Vienna, which is a great place to race with the possibility for big audience close by! Also some crew changes: Sadly enough Olga could not sail because of a fever although she had excellent training participation and progress! Sabrina jumped in – we were sailing with her 1st time on Friday afternoon before the planned RLO training session during a spontaneous invitation to the Infinica Business Cup. Dario was jumping in for Loic. And last but not least we had Georg (“Schorschi”) this time, who made (I guess) THE difference with his 40 years high level racing experience. The crew/role distribution was as follows, Sabrina/bow-lady, George/Jib-Gennaker-tactics with support of Dario, Dario/Main, Andreas/helm and Main on downwind. Change number 3 compared to the 1st event was an increase of teams participating, from 8 to 12! This also thanks to the great level of participation of more VISC members as team Flexi and team Wildcard!

The outcome was just amazing – in 7 races/flights we made six 1st places and one 2nd place! Resulting in 1st place of the Vienna event and 2nd place of the RLO after team Candidate.

Here some links to the tracking data for detailed analysis:

Overview Segelregional – Ost:

from there you can navigate to the event Podersdorf and Wien via “RANGLISTE”…



Example Podersdorf with some explanations:

The same colors were racing together – in race 5 (R5) we were in the blue flight; you can check the position after each leg, e.g., although finishing last, after the first upwind leg (L1) in R5 we were 1st with top speed 4,53kn (FüG = Fahr über Grund = speed over ground) and sailing the shortest distance to the mark 737m. Or 2nd place after 1st mark in R6. Checking L2 you will see that we were most of the time the slowest (Gennaker handling!).  

Vienna looks different:

Here you see that our position in the 1st 3 races was not the best after the start (3, 2 and 3), but we could catch up to 1 then in L2 or L3….and so on. Clicking on “Wettfahrten/Tracking” you can also watch the individual races, with start analysis etc… have fun!

…and here a link to a report on the boats2sail page (in german):

A big thank you to the whole team and to our cheering supporters!! Looking forward to the next events and to the next RLO season in 2020! All the best for your sailing! See you on the water!

Neue Donau – Copa beach, Vienna
the very happy winning team
team Flexi and Wildcard…
at the mark…
…on the mark
1st place at Infinica Business Cup – 2 VISC members sailing for BoConcept – Friday 6 September
from dusk till dawn …
…what an amazing location to sail!

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