About us


The club was established in 1998 to promote sailing amongst the staff of the international organizations and missions. Membership is open to all staff of the VIC and other international organisations who hold a VIC grounds pass, members of missions and embassies, their dependants and invited guests.

The club arranges training in dinghy sailing (in English) in conjunction with the local sailing school Hofbauer leading to the Austrian BFA (A-Schein) certificate, recognized throughout Austria for the hiring of sailing dinghies. The club also assists members to obtain other qualifications, such as the RYA Day or Coastal Skipper, that enable the holder to obtain an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) recognized worldwide for chartering boats.

The club holds weekly sailing sessions on the Alte Donau at the Hofbauer Sailing School and arranges other sailing events in Austria and on the sea at various locations according to members’ demands (see the Programme).


The committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year. The committee members elected on 28 November 2019 are as follows:

Commodore Anna Tsitsina
Vice Commodore Peter McNeill
Quartermaster Christophe Xerri
Logkeeper Andreas Wippel
Rear Commodore (Training) Michele Sedda
Rear Commodore (Programme) John Plumb
Rear Commodore (Liason) Dario Ogliaroso
Member-at-large Frank Honan
Member-at-large David Webb
Member-at-large Melanie Smith
Member-at-large Valerie McNeill
Auditor Helmut Seifert
Auditor Bret Grimshaw


The club statues as amended at the AGM on 28 November 2019 are pending approval by VICREC: VISC_Statutes_V6_draft3


The Vienna International Sailing Club is approved and adheres to the guidelines set by the Vienna International Centre Recreation Committee (VICREC).

The annual report and financial statement are submitted to the VICREC. The financial statement is subject to audit.

The financial statement relating to the period from September 2017 to August 2018 is attached below together with the annual report.