Boats2sail Liga 2021

Due to the following reasons there is unfortunately no Regional League in the eastern part of Austria in 2022:

  • change of Bundesliga boats from Sunbeam 22.1 to J/70
  • lack of water in lake Neusiedl
  • no permit from the City of Vienna to organize such an event again on Neue Donau in Vienna


Boats2sail Liga 2021


On the weekend 11/12 September the Boats2Sail Liga 2021 is taking place in Vienna at the Neue Donau next to Vienna City Beach Club. There is a possibility to train on Friday 10 September.

Format is the same as for the Austrian Bundesliga, many short races on the Sunbeam 22.1. with crew of 4 people.

Here the Notice of Race (in German only).

Please note, that on the same weekend on Sunday 12 September, also the Bart’s Bash and Club Autumn Regatta with Social Evening is taking place on Alte Donau.

I am looking forward to an exciting competition together with you, no matter if you go for Bart´s Bash/Club Autumn Regatta or the Liga in the City!

Rock and Role (when wind is low)!

Your Logkeeper, Andreas Wippel

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