Sailing on our club catamaran

The Dart 18 was designed in 1975 as a One Design Class by Rodney March, who was also responsible for the design of the Olympic Tornado class catamaran. The very first Dart 18, designed and built in Falmouth, Cornwall, is now owned by the National nations on 4 continents. Since 2012, Windsport International holds the worldwide licence to build the Dart 18. The boats are manufactured since 2005 at Collins Fibreglass Plastics in South Africa and in Europe.

Location of the catamaran

The catamaran has dry pitch number 9 (storage area marked below in red) in Podersdorf behind the Mobilheimplatz (mobile home site). To get to the pitch you will need to access to the main entrance of the Mobilheimplatz (marked below in blue), for which you will need a fob to open the gate. Please contact Dave Berry or Davide Parise who both have fobs. You will also need the combination for the lock on the equipment box.

Podersdorf (2)

Booking the catamaran

The catamaran can be booked for a whole day, a weekend or up to a week. The catamaran has a road trailer and it is possible, after prior agreement, to take the catamaran to alternative sailing locations.

The catamaran can booked for the whole day (7am to 7pm) at a cost contribution of €80/ day for weekends and holidays and €40/day for workdays. Note: Half day bookings are no longer possible as this proved not to be successful.

[booking type=10 form_type=’dart_catamaran’ nummonths=2]

Your booking will be confirmed after we have received payment at BAWAGPSK IBAN AT85 6000 0102 1028 7200. If you want to cancel a booking please send an email to We will not reimburse when cancellation takes place at the booked date.

Conditions of use

The location of the catamaran is rented as a private pitch hence:

  • Maximum number of people at the catamaran at the same time is 4 or 5 persons (some flexibility for small kids),
  • Please don’t stay to have a party or BBQ and leave before or around sunset,
  • Please do not be too loud,
  • Be respectful to the other sailors and the residents of the mobile homes.

The Dart 18 catamaran is somewhat more complicated to setup than the Pirates you may be used to from Hofbauer, and is indeed a lot faster. Hence, before you can use the catamaran you will be required to attend an introductory session where you will be instructed on how to rig the catamaran, put it into the water, and also how to derig and store it again. As part of the introductory session, you must show that you are capable of sailing and handling the catamaran.

Please remember you are using the catamaran at your own risk. Any damage caused to the catamaran, or to others, will be your responsibility and you will be liable for any costs.

The Dart 18 is a wonderful, fast and exciting boat. Please treat it with care and only take it out in suitable weather conditions.

For all matters concerning the catamaran please contact Davide Parise on 0699 16522262 or David Berry on 0676 4767228.

Please report immediately any damage you find on the boat, or any that you caused, to David Berry.

Put the boat back on its pitch, de-rigged as instructed (also shown on the instructions and checklist in the trailer). Don’t forget to tie the boat down.

By booking the catamaran you agree to these conditions.

If you want to dive into the details of rigging, please refer to this Dart 18 rigging manual.


The contribution is to cover the costs of the dry pitch, insurance, winter storage and maintenance of the catamaran and trailer.