Thursday Evening Sailing & Racing

The Thursday Sailing Evening Series 2023


The Thursday Sailing Series at Hofbauer powered by Boats2Sail, An der Oberen Alten Donau 186, is finally happening again, April 20, 2023!


We have the assurance that 10 boats (pirates) for sure will be available for our club members starting at 17:30.

If you have your own life vest, please wear it while sailing. If not, we urge you to borrow one of the available life vests at Boats2Sail. (Safety instructions by Boats2Sail).


The link for registration will always be updated Friday morning. Please notice that the DEADLINE is Wednesday @3pm, as we need to confirm the booking for the boats Thursday morning. If you are not able to attend despite signing up, please cancel on time (Wednesday @ 8pm) by letting Melanie know.

Please also notice that there are two different links alternating each week:


The price:

Per boat €25 for approximately 1 hour of sailing. This is directly payable to Boats2Sail before setting foot on the boat.

Use the links above to sign up!

If you already have a partner to team up with, if you need one or have preferences or if you want to be put on the waiting list, please inform Melanie Smith over Whatsapp (+43 664 1567 554). If you have any further questions, contact Melanie Smith.


Thursday Race Coaching


This season, for the first time, we are happy to offer optional race coaching sessions during Non-Racing Thursdays. A sailing instructor from Boats2Sail will be present to guide you.

The format for this is a 2 hour session, starting at 5pm/6pm (depending on the season) and it includes a briefing and a debriefing. When signing up through the link, please make sure to indicate whether you will be joining or not:


      • Name (Training) – this means that you are joining the training session
      • Namethis means that you are not joining the training session


It is really important that you are ON TIME if you wish to take part.

The first Thursday Race Coaching will be April 27 and after that every other thursday when we are not racing! Topics that will be covered during the coaching sessions are the following:

  • Sailing in light airs
  • Coping with shifty conditions
  • Gybing in strong winds
  • Starting on a biased start line
  • Avoiding ‘letters’ on your results sheet
  • Starting without a transit
  • Starting with a transit
  • Tactics upwaind
  • Spinnaker work
  • Knolwedge of the rules
  • Heavy weather sailing
  • TIhgt reaching
  • Windward mark roundings
  • Shifting winds
  • Light air starts
  • Light air generally
  • Close tactics with other boats
  • Holding on to a lead
  • Conducting in-depth post-training debriefs


Please be aware that the topics chosen for the training sessions will be dependent on the weather situation to have the most effect.


The Thursday Race series 2023


The Thursday Race Series 2023 will start May 11, 2023!

The race will consist of a single circuit of the buoys on the Alte Donau (more if the wind is very strong), with a single race each time. Entries will consist of two people per boat, helm and crew, with both helm and crew receiving the same points. Guests can sail in the races, but only club members will receive points.

Scoring will be by the low point system (one point for your position in the race) and at the end of the season half the number of races sailed plus one will count towards the Thursday Race Series (e.g. 7 or 8 races sailed, 5 to count). The Thursday Race Series result will count towards the club’s annual championship. The minimum number of entries for a race to take place is three.

Normal Alte Donau rules apply. Infractions of the rules can be exonerated by a 360 penalty except collisions resulting in damage or injury, when both boats will be disqualified (DSQ, maximum points = number of boats in race plus one).

Please note, if you capsize, Hofbauer will charge a recovery fee up to €50, which the skipper and crew of the boat will have to pay themselves.

Please read through our VISC LOCAL REGATTA SAILING INSTRUCTIONS carefully as well as the Notice of Race. Should there be any further questions, do not hesitate to contact John Plumb, our Race Officer Manager or his assistant, Melanie Smith.

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