Thursday Race Series 2020

The race will consist of a single circuit of the buoys on the Alte Donau (more if the wind is very strong), with a single race each time. Entries will consist of two people per boat, helm and crew, with both helm and crew receiving the same points. Guests can sail in the races, but only club members will receive points.

Scoring will be by the low point system (one point for your position in the race) and at the end of the season half the number of races sailed plus one will count towards the Thursday Race Series (e.g. 7 or 8 races sailed, 5 to count). The Thursday Race Series result will count towards the club’s annual championship. The minimum number of entries for a race to take place is three.

Normal Alte Donau rules apply. Infractions of the rules can be exonerated by a 360 penalty except collisions resulting in damage or injury, when both boats will be disqualified (DSQ, maximum points = number of boats in race plus one).

Please note, if you capsize, Hofbauer will charge a recovery fee up to €50, which the skipper and crew of the boat will have to pay themselves.


Race 1 21/05/2020
Race 2 04/06/2020 abandoned
Race 3 18/06/2020
Race 4 02/07/2020

Next races:

Races 5-6 16th, 30th July 2020

Races 7-8 13th, 27th August 2020

Races 9-10 10th, 24th September 2020

Races 11-12 8th, 22nd October 2020