This is about events which are not organized by the VISC, but e.g. by the local sailing federation or any other local club or organizer (for club races please refer to Programme)…


There might be a point in time where sometimes, just sailing, is not enough anymore. One way of re-injecting some excitement as we felt it during our first sailing lessons could be —> RACING.

Why we love it? Here just some examples why we do it, what we do and what it does with us: We (Man-Kind) love to compete, want to show that we are the best, toughest and coolest, what we are mostly and most likely not, but at least we try – and that’s already cool (as long as we don’t go overboard ;-). We seek for the perfect tack, the perfect jibe, the perfect trim, the optimum heel (but not the highest heel – that would be a high heel – at least). We learn to maneuver within limited space fast, secure and efficient („jibe in 3 2 1“). We increase our self confidence what will for sure positively reflect on our crew during our next cruise. We enjoy the lovely and excited talks with other addicted maniacs and last but not least the well earned food and drinks after a race day… and some of us even win…

Regional League East and Sprintocup

In 2018 the VISC racing team joined the Regional Liga Ost (RLO) as well as Sprinto Cup in it´s first season. After collecting the first experiences with this race format last year we are already excited to join as well in the 2nd season 2019.

Some words about the format on the example of last years RLO with Sunbeam 22.1: 8 teams (clubs) were racing with 4 boats. Who is racing is organized through a paring list. Average you join every 2nd race, or in other words – 2 races are 1 flight. Only if a flight is completed, the points are counted according to low point system. Many short races are done during the day. The course is set in accordance with wind speed so that one race takes about 15 minutes (2 up wind and 2 down wind legs). It is the perfect format to train many starts, many tacks, rounding the mark(s) and Gennaker up down up down… If you make a mistake, the next chance to do better is 20 to 40 minutes later.

The VISC Racing team 2019:

RLO with Sunbeam 22.1 on 18/19 May in Podersdorf + 7/8 September in Rust:

Andreas, Christian, Christophe, Dario, Georg, Loic, Olga (4 people out of this team are the actual racing crew)

Sprinto Cup on 27/28 July in Breitenbrunn + 21/22 September in Rust:

Christophe, Ike, Kathy, Mariella, Olga, Vadim (3 people per crew on the Sprinto)

Rock but don´t role! Come and race yourself – looking forward to sail with you during one of the next events!

Here the report of the RLO season 2019: