Andreas Wippel

Andreas Wippel

Eugen finishing sixth in the Mini Med 2018

6th place for Eugen

After an exciting race nearly completely upwind Eugen finished sixth with ‘Like Crazy’ in the 500 nautical miles Mini Med 2018, a Class Mini race.

6. Eugen Visan (Aut) Like Crazy (Série, Pogo 3 Verdier) 5j 2h 22mn 44s

Until 30 miles before the end of the race he was in third position, when a wind shift, while taking one of his power naps, eventually left him stranded in a no-wind zone.

You can visit the website of the organizing yacht club here: (in French).

After a fourth, second and now sixth place in the past three races, he is now ready to do his 1000 nm non-stop solo cruise in the mediterranean to qualify for the Minit-Transat 2019.

Congratulations Eugen!

Mini Med 2018

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