Club Catamaran Ready for Sailing

We’re please to announce the VISC’s favourite sailing boat, the club’s own catamaran, is back ready for sailing again. The catamaran is back in Podersdorf at the newly renovated dry moorings behind Mobilheimplatz Podersdorf.

For full details and to book the catamaran go to sailing on our club catamaran.

We encourage club members to use this great and fun sailing boat.

As in past years, introduction sessions will be arranged, look out for the announcements on the website and the WhatsApp group.

Based on actual costs and usage in the past year, the VISC Committee has decided to adjust the cost contribution requested of the club members so as to cover the running and upkeep costs of the catamaran.

Overview of costs between September 2018 and December 2019:

Expenses (mooring rental, insurance, trailer upkeep, boat repairs): €1,680

Contributions from club members: €650

Your VISC Vice Commodore

Peter McNeill

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