VISC Liaison

VISC Liaison

VISC sails in the Winter!

As the activities on the water will have a break in the winter month, the VISC is planning to organize a series of presentations. The first block of presentations will help us to prepare for the ASW and give all the members a glance of what happened during the sailing week.

Here is the current schedule:

  • Oct 13: Davide presenting on “Safety on Board”: This is right after sailing.
  • Oct 20: Peter presenting on “How to get the most out of the ASW Charter Boats”
  • Nov 11: ASW Report from the winning team
  • Nov 17: Davide presenting “ASW Report from Family Team”
  • March 2023: Sebastian Mayer (International Race Officer) is presenting on “Introduction to Race Management”

If you are interested in a special topic or would like to present yourself please reach out to Davide Parise (M.: 069916522262) or Melanie Smith (M.: 06641567554) for planning purposes.

The sign-up link for these events remains the same as the one for Thursday sailing and can be found here:

The VISC Committee looks forward to seeing you over the winter months!

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