4th – 11th September 2021
Location Greece: The Sporades Islands from Skiathos

The VISC are having “A Week of Sailing in Greece” it will be an informal flotilla event for members to focus on having a fabulous fun holiday that is well deserved after a difficult year.

This week caters for skilled and novice sailors alike – a fun and enjoyable experience of “Sailing With Friends”

We will be sailing with our friends around the Sporades Islands, starting from Skiathos and continuing around taking in Skopelos,  Loutraki,  Panormos,  Limonari/Agnontas,  Patitiri (Alonnisos), and the marine national park at Kira Panagia.

This area, apart from being a fabulous sailing destination, has been made famous as the filming area for the first ABBA: MamaMia movie. Some of the filming locations we may visit include:

Skiathos harbour and main pier was the main setting for the boat and yacht departures to the “wedding island”, where the famous “taxi race” to miss the ferry occurred and where the three fathers met on the wooden sailing yacht.

The stunning outdoor scenes of the wedding were filmed in the church of Agios Ioannis Sto Kastri in Skopelos while the interior scenes were actually shot at Agion Panton, a tiny church located in front of Panagitsa tou Pirgou at the edge of Skopelos harbor. To reach the Agios Ioannis church, visitors must climb 100 stone-carved steps, but once there, the view is magnificent.

Kastani beach is one of the best on Skopelos and is primarily known for its tranquility and beauty, with its turquoise waters and lush and verdant surroundings. Both the wooden pier and the bar in the movie do not exist anymore though the beach now has a proper beach establishment.

Glisteri was used for basic backgrounds during the movie – it was here that Sophie read her mother’s diary to her friends, for example. The small peninsula near the beach Glisteri was the point where Sophie left for her wedding ceremony.

Milia Beach – although not a filming location per se – features in the movie as well as the small Dahsia islet in the background.

The pretty harbour of Agnontas was the place where the boat in ‘Money Money Money’ was moored and Amarantos definitely merits a visit, especially for sunset.


What will be provided:

– a holiday under sail in a relaxed atmosphere – a guided/planned sailing route with a supporting program of events and activities for all skippers and crew, yet still some time for your own personal/crew choice activities

– the priceless exchange of experience between “old hands” and “newcomers” – local coastal knowledge and exploration for all to enjoy and experience

– easy sailing for beginners, with opportunities for learning new skills

– fun challenge targets/races for seasoned charterers to “compete in company”

In short: it is a wonderful combination of a Greek holiday, enjoying sailing around some of the islands of the Sporades, also participating in some casually fun racing in a fun flotilla group!

The organisation and operation of this event will be handled by the experienced Sail Charter International.