…and that’s a wrap on our first Laser training!

Last Sunday, seven brave sailors from our club joined a fun introduction to Laser sailing on Neue Donau with serious consequences on their mood for the rest of the day and week. Well done ladies and gents! We are proud to partner with SAF on Neue Donau to offer these chill evenings to our sailors allowing them to expand on dinghy sailing skills while enjoying the natural paradise of Neue Donau. Big thanks to those involved!

Over to Luisa’s testimony:

If you want to depart from the Hofbauer Pirates tradition for an afternoon and try out something new, VISC can leverage its connections to other clubs in the area. That’s what we did with our Laser training on Neue Donau. 

Together with Jörg – an experienced sailor from the mountains who can boast participation to Laser world championships (pretty crowded competitions, Laser is an Olympic class) we started off with some “rigging basics”. If that sounds too basic, Lasers have a kind of modular mast and other specificities you won’t find on a Pirate… so really need to start from that!

We then exercised tacking – not an easy task in such a narrow space – and moved on to the most refreshing part of the training by capsizing the boat and setting it upright again.

It was 3 boats for 6 people – which turned out to be a good training for casting off and pier kissing – and a good opportunity for a nice chat on the pier.

 (Very) little wind made mistakes forgivable, reactive boat, lovely sun and nice VISC company made the afternoon really worth it!

 So, I guess we are all ready now for lesson #2.


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