What makes the VISC unique is that its members come from all over the world – 19 different countries to be precise. That does not mean that training is exclusive to club members only: Guests are more than welcome to participate. And it does not matter whether you are looking for a basic inshore license for Austrian lakes or some advanced Radio or Radar training – all the courses organized by the VISC are held in English.

Where to begin? The BFA – Binnen License

As a beginner you can join the BFA-Binnen License Course. Together with the Hofbauer Sailing School, the VISC has invested a lot of time and effort to create an English version of the BFA-Binnen – the former A-Schein (renamed in 2009). With the BFA-Binnen license you are allowed to rent boats on lakes in Austria (and probably lakes in other European countries).

This course at Hofbauer Sailing School is composed of three parts – theoretical, practical and (optional) exam. Besides learning the basics of seamanship in class you are also encouraged to undergo practical sailing lessons. The course (including the reading material) and the exams are both in English.

The next English language theory course will start after April 2023. Please contact the Rear Commodore Training for any information.

Advanced Training

The next step in Austria would be the FB1, FB2 or FB3 license, which are for coastal waters within a certain mile limitation. Instead of translating all the reading material we recommend tthat you follow an existing foreign sailing program (e.g.: RYA, US Sailing, CYA, FFVoile, etc.). For the coastal license you will have to go abroad anyway. We do have good relations with different offshore training schools and many members of the VISC prepare themselves for those trainings through respective correspondence courses. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Onshore Training

The VISC is now working on a regular onshore program provided on ISAF (International Sailing Federation) and/or RYA (Royal Yacht Association) standards. On a yearly basis we will offer courses in:

  • RYA SRC (Short Range Certificate)
  • RYA Radar
  • and World Sailing Approved Offshore Personal Survival

Interested RYA certified instructors are welcome to contact us for further (other) training opportunities here in Vienna or abroad. We are currently looking for an RYA First Aid Instructor coming for a weekend to Vienna.

Interested to know more?

Join us at the VISC-organised information evening about RYA sailing courses and qualifications on 10 December 2019. Follow this link for information.


Let’s face it: sailing is not one of the cheapest sports. However, we are trying to keep expenses for you and for us as low as possible. As a registered club and due to our location we have the advantage of quite a representative infrastructure to hold a course. That way we can considerably lower the prices and therefore open this beautiful sport to a bigger range of water enthusiasts.