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VISC Adriatic Sailing Week 2018 Report

Follow the link below to read the report on the VISC Adriatic Sailing Week 2018. Thanks to Anya for preparing the report and capturing the atmosphere of the week. VISC AW report 2018



The VISC Committee has chosen to support the CleanSeas campaign from the UN Environmental Agency. The CleanSeas campaign aims at engaging governments, the general public and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic pollution. The campaign is targeting the production and use of non-recoverable and single-use plastic. To do this effectively, CleanSeas needs everyone to be… Continue reading CleanSeas

Event, Regatta

Showdown in Rust – RLO Session 2

On 1st and 2nd September we were racing at the second and last session of the Regional Liga Ost in Rust. Although the weather was as bad as the forecast – only with less wind - we had great fun and again an amazing learning curve. “We” is in that case: Eduardo, Christian, George and… Continue reading Showdown in Rust – RLO Session 2


IV MINI MARE NOSTRUM 2018 – Eugen’s position

Eugen Visan is 60 hours into the race and just past halfway. Overnight he has given up a very southerly position and is in eight (last) place out of eight Mini-Transat boats still racing from 11 that started. Let's see what the second half of the race will bring. He is currently 30 miles behind… Continue reading IV MINI MARE NOSTRUM 2018 – Eugen’s position