The club sells caps, t-shirts, beanies, burgees and bags with the VISC logo at club events and on Thursday evenings.

CapT-shirt T-shirt ladies  Bean Bag

Furthermore the VISC has arranged with Ocean World to supply a range of clothing with the club logos above. Two versions of the logo are available, a dark one for white or pale clothing and a light coloured one for dark clothing (without the blue background). The supplier will automatically choose the appropriate version depending on the colour of the item. Take a note of the logo number (VIS 4384) when going to order.

Please follow the link to Ocean World for full details of the range of clothing available and ordering details. The clothing is available in a range of colours, but the club colour is navy blue (royal blue for those items for which navy blue is not available) or white for t-shirts etc. At the moment only embroidered logos are available, including for t-shirts.