Anya and Dario win the VISC summer regatta 2018

20 enthusiastic sailors joined the VISC Summer Regatta 2018 and with fair winds sailed three races on the Alte Donau. Some very tricky wind shifts made it a challenging undertaking. 5 laps in total resulted in the following: Summer Regatta 2018 Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points Overall Placing Dario Oliaroso 1 3 4… Continue reading Anya and Dario win the VISC summer regatta 2018


Eugen finishing sixth in the Mini Med 2018

After an exciting race nearly completely upwind Eugen finished sixth with 'Like Crazy' in the 500 nautical miles Mini Med 2018, a Class Mini race. 6. Eugen Visan (Aut) Like Crazy (Série, Pogo 3 Verdier) 5j 2h 22mn 44s Until 30 miles before the end of the race he was in third position, when a wind shift, while taking… Continue reading Eugen finishing sixth in the Mini Med 2018

Sailing with friends

Sailing with the Island Breeze

If you want to sail on an original Fisher 37 Southerly Ketch in Italy, you have the chance to team up with one of our members Tobias van Kooij. He has rejuvenated this boat from the seventies and being a boatbuilder the result is awesome. Engine, security features, electrical systems, sails, rigging and much more… Continue reading Sailing with the Island Breeze


The 2018 VISC Committee

The newly elected VISC Committee is as follows: Peter McNeill - Commodore Rebecca Adeline - Vice-commodore Christoph Xerri - Quartermaster Joep Winkels - Logkeeper John Plumb - Rear-commodore Programme Anna Tsitsina - Rear-commodore Training Frank Honan - Member at large John Brooks - Member at large John Kinney - Auditor Emil Farkas - Auditor  … Continue reading The 2018 VISC Committee