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VISC BBQ Social Event

It’s time for a fun social evening, close to the water but not on water this time. The VISC will have a BBQ on the 13th July at the Grillzone next to the Neue Donau.

When: Starting at 18:00 on Friday 13th July

Where: Grillzone Brigittenauer Bucht, on the Donaupark side of the new Danube, close to the UN.


What do you need to bring?

  • Food to put the BBQ
  • Salads or bread
  • Extra drinks (the club will provide a certain amount of beer and water and Melanie is providing some wine)
  • Good spirits (not the liquid kind)
  • A blanket or chair to sit on if you want
  • Swimming things, if you fancy swimming

What will be there?

  • A couple of BBQs (hoping a few people will volunteer to bring one)
  • Some beer and water will be provided by the club
  • Wine being provided by Melanie and her company (thanks Melanie)
  • Paper plates, wooden cutlery and some plastic cups (remember to put in the bins)

How to get there?

Public transport:

  • Either, U1 Donausinsel or U6 Neue Donau, and then walk
  • By car (remember no drink driving):
    There are car parks close to the U6 or even just north of the Brigittenauer Bucht, the parking time is limited though
  • Or just take your bicycle

If you are going to come, please let me know by email (visc.commodore@gmail.com) or private message (0699 17087585)

Let’s have a fun evening together.

Your Commodore, Peter McNeill


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